HPE Synergy

 HPE Synergy Solutions, Rev. 17.11

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Course description

This course introduces Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy solutions.
Topics include:

  • Solution Design
  • Synergy Technology
  • Management Tools
  • Synergy Components
  • Compute Modules
  • Fabric Modules
  • Storage Modules

Ideal candidate for this course

Typical candidates for this course are:

  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Systems Engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Presales Engineers


  • Module 1: Composable Infrastructure
    • Describe the major trends changing the IT industry
    • Explain why companies need a Composable Infrastructure
    • Explain the role of the HPE software-defined data center (SDDC)
    • Describe the unique solution HPE delivers with Composable Infrastructure and Synergy
  • Module 2: HPE Synergy Management
    • Explain how HPE Synergy simplifies management tasks for:
    • Installation technicians
    • Infrastructure administrators
    • IT Line of Business (LOB), IT operations managers, and developers
    • Describe the HPE Synergy management subsystem and explain the function of each component in that subsystem
    • Explain how to create a redundant Synergy management ring
  • Module 3: HPE Synergy Composable Fabric
    • Explain the HPE Synergy composable and non-composable fabric options
    • Describe the Synergy master/satellite architecture and explain how it:
    • Consolidates network connections
    • Reduces hardware and management complexity
    • Scales network bandwidth across multiple frames
    • Explain when you would recommend composable or non-composable modules
  • Module 4: HPE Synergy Composable Storage
    • Describe the storage options for HPE Synergy and the advantages of using each option
    • Explain how storage is allocated to compute resources in a Synergy solution
    • Select the storage solution that meets a customer’s requirements and be prepared to explain the solution to the customer
  • Module 5: HPE Synergy Composable Compute
    • Describe the HPE Synergy composable compute modules
    • Given a company’s specific requirements, select the appropriate composable compute module
  • Module 6: Designing an HPE Synergy Solution
    • Identify customer use case and application requirements
    • Describe configuration rules and best practices for configuring HPE Synergy
    • Configure a single or multi-frame HPE Synergy solution
    • Describe the purpose of Synergy starter configurations
    • Use the HPE Synergy configuration tools to produce an “order ready” quote/bill of materials


The HPE Synergy Solutions, Rev. 17.11 prepares you to:

Describe the benefits of Composable Infrastructure
Describe HPE Synergy market positions
Explain how HPE Synergy Simplifies management tasks
Explain how HPE Synergy master/satellite architecture reduces hardware & management complexity