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HPE offers over 90 certifications.

Data Center, Cloud, IT Management, Networking, Servers, Storage, Sales and more.

Validate your knowledge and skills

The HPE Certification and Learning program helps you accelerate your career and increase your value to customers and employers. Whether your aim is career advancement, a higher salary or better business results, HPE Certifications help you get there.

With HPE certification, you choose your career path

With HPE certification, you choose your path:

Technically focused or Sales focused.

Technically focused (Product Certified, ATP, ASE and Master ASE, Aruba Certified)

Choose our technical career certifications when you want to certify your technical expertise. The HPE Certification and Learning program offers a full range of levels, from foundational level to master level expertise. The highest level, Master ASE, is reserved only for individuals who design the largest and most complex solutions. Within each level, you will find a range of job roles. This ordered, step-by-step series of levels and roles means that you’ll find a direct, efficient entry point into our program. It also means you can advance along multiple paths. Here are some examples:

  • You change job roles – for example from support to integrator, and finally to architect
  • You progress in the same job role, but with added expertise and responsibility

80% of IT managers say training is critical to success

of IT managers say training is critical to success1.

80% of IT managers say training is critical to success

of Master ASEs agree that their certification has helped them do a better job1.

We offer both technically focused and sales focused certifications. Use these certifications to highlight your expertise in all areas of the data center: cloud computing, servers, storage, networking, big data, business software, and more.

Real world, practical experience to help you progress

With HPE, you get far more than just training and technical certification. You also get the practical real world experience on systems. This experience is a vital element to help build your skills. You can gain this experience through a variety of ways.

  • Hands on labs in a classroom setting
  • Remote, real time access to labs equipped with live equipment setups and hardware
  • Online simulators
  • HPE Press publications and more